MAC Stands for “Media Access Control Address”. Macs are only built by Apple. There are many software that are available in this website for free; Including, Dropzone 3, Amphetamine, Wunderlist, GIMP, Evernote, and more. Downloading and installation of these software are very easy.

Dropzone 3 is a unique and amazing app for Mac. This app function as a shortcut tool, launch apps. Dropzone 3 makes it faster and easier to copy and move files, and share files with many different services such as Facebook and Flickr. You can even combine groups of files into stacks and then drop them onto a  Dropzone action  or onto another app.

Wunderlist is a discontinued cloud-based task management application. It is easiest way to get stuff done for Mac. Wunderlist allows users to manage their personal and professional tasks such as planning holiday, sharing a shopping list with a partner or managing multiple work projects from a smartphone, tablet, computer and smartwatch.

GIMP is an open-source or image editor application. It is a best tool for graphic design such as image editor, Layer control, shadow effects, vector-based paths, filters, exposure, and so much more. It even offers auto functions to enhance colors, equalize, and correct white balance on the fly.

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