Backup is a copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. This website has many basic software that are compatible with all kinds of backup and are an easy to install. All Backup software is available for free in this website. You have the choice to install any type of Backup software.

Genie9 is best backup software. It provides the best storage solution for home users and partners. Genie9 has intelligent media streaming.

Unitrends is free Hyper-V & VMware backup software on this website. It is detect ransomware and protect both physical and virtual file. Unitrends also provides instant VM recovery.

Retrospect tool protects every part of your PC environment. Small business can easily backup data using this software. This software allows you to protect networked Windows, Linux desktops, notebooks, and Mac, and from a single host computer running Retrospect.

Ivybackup is simple and easy to use backup tool. It is innovative backup software that keeps your files safe from data loss. There are three editions of this software: home, standard, and pro. Ivybackup Provides event backup, manual backup, and scheduled backup for Windows system. This tool is easy to customize according to your backup needs.